Plant Health - Phytosanitary 

We value health as the most important asset, so we create a top quality propagating material, coming from our own certified mother trees.  
Olive Propagating Material 

Our olive trees come from a genetic certified mother-plantation of Initial (pre-basic) propagating material, which was established in collaboration with the Global Olive Bank of Germplasm and the University of Cordoba.

Greek varieties have been identified with molecular methods, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens.  

Citrus Propagating material 

Citrus trees come from a certified mother - plantation of Basic propagating material, which was established in collaboration with the CRSFA (Centro di Riserca, Bari, Italy).

Our collection contains 14 Citrus rootstocs and more than 40 Citrus varieties. 


After years of research, we are proud for our own germplasm bank. A collection with more than 100 olive cultivars/genotypes from all over the world, and keep growing it. Ask for the variety you are interested in

Superintensive - High Density Orchards 

Improved quality - Increased Production - Higher Oil Content - Faster Operations - Increased Income 




We can share a complete study of your cultivation and guide you, from the stage of preparing the field until the trees reach foul productivity, through a team of scientists and experts, specialized for every part of agriculture.


UC Berkeley-1 Pistachio Rootstock (UCB-1)

Produced from a controlled cross between Pistacia atlantica (female) and P. integerrima (male) 
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Higher production - best yields

Resistant to Verticillium 


Cold and frost tolerant

Tolerant to salinity 

GEN4OLIVE (EU-funded Innovation Action)

GoCitrus Research Project 

Use of modern bio-analytical methods in the rescue and utilization of Greek citrus varieties

  • The GoCitrus research project focuses on the rescue, evaluation and conservation of Greek citrus varieties with the aim of highlighting their agronomic and quality characteristics.

GreekCert – Certified Trees Project 

Creation of pre-basic, basic and certified mother plantations of olive, citrus and fig species. 

The project aims on the creation of an integrated production chain of propagating material, specifically of olive, citrus and fig seedlings, in order to ensure their traceability, varietal authenticity and plant health, for the first time in Greece. 

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